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Guthrie Theater “Emma”

Role: Miss Bates

“‘Emma’ keeps the laughs coming at the Guthrie Theater” -Star Tribune, Chris Hewitt

“Actor Chomet demonstrates her range in roles revived from pre-COVID” -MyVillager, Anne Murphy

“Edwardian Hip-Hop” -Korean Quarterly, Joanne Rhim Lee

Children’s Theatre Company “Bina’s Six Apples”

Role: Mother/Merchant

‘Bina’s Six Apples is Sweet, Soulful, and Ripe with Symbolism’ – Star Tribune, Rohan Preston

‘For actor Sun Mee Chomet, ‘Bina’s Six Apples’ hits close to home – MinnPost, Sheila Regan

“A Family Devastated by War: Sun Mee Chomet and Joseph Pendergrast on Performing in ‘Bina’s Six Apples’ Amid the Invasion of Ukraine” -EldredgeATL, Richard L. Eldredge

American Players Theatre “Oedipus”

Role: Jocasta/Chorus

Theater Review ‘Oedipus’

The Capital Times by Lindsay Christians

Available to Stream Online Thru Oct. 24

Allure Magazine

Find Your Perfect in the Twin Cities: Where to Stay, What to Wear, and How to Get Into the Coolest Bar

By Kim Fusaro

MN Playlist Interview

Hustle Stories: Sun Mee Chomet

May 1, 2018

Interview by Ashawnti Sakina Ford

National Endowment for the Arts

Art Talk with Sun Mee Chomet

May 22, 2014

by Paulette Beete